Who We Are

Who we are

1-FPA was registered with the KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government), MOI (Ministry Of Interior) under No.771 on January 20th; 2008.

2-Obtained the KRG Official NGO Department Certificate pursuant to code no (K-22052-)

3-Obtained the Iraqi Official NGO Department Certificate (pursuant to code no (1H7890)

4-Obtained the Iraqi Immigration Department Certificate (No. Ref./D/SH/H/M/156 Date:12/05/2016, Which states, Kindly be informed that your organization has fulfilled all the private conditions for registration in our ministry and is considered as a basic partner to work with us.

FPA Organization

Non-Profit Organization in Iraq.

A humanitarian, non-government and non-profitable organization working hard in order to create a sophisticated, advanced and healthy community through the goals of the organization ( awareness organization and family planning, prenatal, infant care, and other women’s health education to women in the Kurdish Region. With a focus on rural communities organization.


FPA Organization Offices

We’re operating in Erbil, Mosul, Diyala & Baghdad. Our offices are staff is present and have carried out assistance projects, through providing help and assistance in the secured areas.

FPA Mission Statement

FPA is a humanitarian, non-governmental, non-political, and non-profiting. FPA NGO was established in 2008
With Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Develop the targeted communities via highlighting diverse issues of awareness programmers regarding health, education, women social and political rights, violence against women, gender equity in rights and duties and capacity building programmers simultaneously FPA aims to develop the socio-economic conditions and environment of targeting areas.