FPA Monthly Updates

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On Going Projects


1- Continue to deliver assistance and support to the liberated areas in Mosul, including hygiene materials and foodstuffs. Continue to work in the camps and raising health awareness, continuing the health awareness of Mosul Governorate.

2- Training Hairdresser Course & Quick courses for beginners

Funded by:   USA & IOM*

Period of grant: 25 July to 25 September 2017 *

*In partnership with IOM, Department-Nadia Institute for training is implementing a project for two months r from the order (establish training courses) to teach the art and skill of razor ( Ishtar camps, Special for Yazidis) for IDPs in Erbil)

A-Women’s Hairdressing Course – Makeup & Hairdressing – Hairdresser salon

During the training period, we offer hair styling, hair dyeing and makeup for free

B-The process of manufacturing Eastern food & pastry manufacturing of appetizers

We provide raw materials, food, and all products distributed to displaced families within the site for free

Our offers as in all previous courses the first apprentice gives the course equipment a gift