What the Organization Aims at

How We Work

What the organization aims at.


  • Family, especially women and children, by providing health, cultural and educational services to them:

  1. Hygiene Awareness
  2. Rising awareness of birth control (contraception)
  3. Awareness midwife Training and female Genital mutilation prevention)
  4. Awareness about the impact of breast cancer on villages and rural areas 3-
  5. Mobilizing Actions toward Better Community Health 4-
  6. Introductions of the principles of Treatment, Prevention & Hygiene
  7. Promote the positive actions in education
  8. Health and empower healthy behavior, the education and awareness are very important elements of our work to empower Hygiene activities
  9. Introduces group targeted to the importance of the relationship between their families and water, hygiene and health
  10. The education is one of necessities that encourage the good behavior of the child
  11. Improve the awareness & understanding of the main behaviors to prevent illness
  12. Campaigns of awareness, Health, Hygiene & Education For families, children in school & Child out of school, Polio vaccination campaign for children of (0-5) years old.
  13. Awareness pregnant women the importance of taking care of their health & Fetus’s health through the healthy nutrition and periodically visit to the health center
  14. We emphasize on the necessity of breast feeding and not to depend on artificial feeding (powder milk), because breast feeding will protect the children from all diseases and strengthen their bodies which make them healthy & strong in the future.


  • Schools Renovation, Sanitation, training of teacher school administration staff on hygiene and sanitation promotion.

  • Opening literacy center for internally.

  • Encouraging children to join schools and not left and parents are urged not to send their children for work and leaving their studies.

  • Training Course for beginners, Financing and providing small projects for low-income families, especially widows.

  • Providing food to the family in emergency situations through the volunteer teams of the organization.

  • Awareness and encouraging voters during the elections.

  • Mobilizing Actions toward Better community Health for Syrian Refugees – Erbil Province*