Completed Projects as a UNICEF Partner

Projects with the UNICEF

FPA organization (C4D UNICEF), 20 Jun 2013-2017*

*At the beginning of our work with UNICEF, we targeted the refugees outside the camps in the following areas that were located the refugees, including the Ksnzan & Bahrka & Bnaslawa district, with the administrators of the area and coordinate with school principals to provide classrooms for us for the purpose of performing and implementation of the project and ensure paragraphs target, Funded by UNICEF we have distributed hygiene materials, especially for children and women, completed many projects as follows;

  1. Introductions of the principles of Treatment, Prevention & Hygiene Promote the positive actions in education
  2. Health and empower healthy behavior, the education and awareness are very important elements of our work to empower Hygiene activities
  3. Introduces the refugee group targeted to the importance of the relationship between their families and water, hygiene and health
  4. The education is one of necessities that encourage the good behavior of the child
  5. Improve the awareness & understanding of the main behaviors to prevent illness and death cases among Syrian Refugees in Qushtapa Camp
  6. FPA NGO continued the campaigns of awareness, Health, Hygiene & Education For families, children in school & Child out of school, as well as FPA did Polio vaccination campaign for children of (0-5) years old for the camp tents to encourage the mothers to vaccinate their children against polio. Also the doctor explained to pregnant women the importance of taking care of their health & Fetus’s health through the healthy nutrition and periodically visit to the health center in the camp to check the fetus’s health status and take all the necessary vaccinations during pregnancy period, the doctor emphasized also on the necessity of breastfeeding and not to depend on artificial feeding (powder milk), because breast feeding will protect the children from all diseases and strengthen their bodies which make them healthy & strong in the future
  7. FPA NGO celebrated the International Woman Day in Qushtapa Camp on 8 Mar 2014; this celebration was especially for Female Headed Household (FHH) such as widows, wives whom their husbands are in Syrian prison & Woman with Special Needs (handicaps). The celebration started with an opening speech by FPA Director after that the attendances shared their problems and suffering of their situation. It is worth to mention that the representative of UNICEF was present in the event. Finally FPA distributed gifts to all the attendances and wished them a Happy Woman Day
  8. The activity was for the students of the Qamishli School in Qushtapa camp and for the women on the occasion of World Health Day
  9. In coordination with the Director of the school in Qamishli School, students gather in the school yard and was distribution of a series of posters to explain their health points that show awareness of good health and caps contain a sign of health, where a doctor from the microphone during the clarification of those posters
  10. The students actively play explaining not to eat in the streets because they will exposed to germs
  11. Vaccination campaign against polio , FPA Org began to work in the Qushtapa camp to put posters awareness to vaccinate against polio , which were provided by UNICEF on all government and service centers in the Qushtapa camp in order to informing people in the camp to necessary need to vaccinate their
  12. Regarding to cholera) Team will continue to work sensitize all the refugees in the camp on how to prevention cholera tent to tent
  13. (mobilizer began a campaign to raise awareness of cholera from tent to tent 14-(
  14. Distribution of a booklet to raise awareness of cholera and detailed explanations of the contents of the awareness booklet
  15. Explanation of cholera to the families was a detailed through the basic information that has been clarified through the doctor which giving the disease course intensive about cholera for all mobilizer
  16. Confirmed on the refugee through Mobilizer that when there is any case of strong diarrhea should they go to the health center to make sure from the condition
  17. At the end of each day of the awareness campaign, and when there is a case of diarrhea, the mobilizer working to taking the names of people who suffer from diarrhea continuing to see the situation, with knowing that the team was calling all of the suffering of the case of diarrhea audit immediate goes to health center
  18. After the completion of the campaign to raise awareness of cholera, the mobilizer team will continue to follow up on cases to the health of all the tents to control of any case of diarrhea early
  19. Before entering ISIS to Gweer area, where there were signs of exposure this region for attacks ISIS there were displaced people are in this region and they need to deliver aid to them and make them aware of where through partner organizations with UNICEF, as FPA organization has expressed willingness to deliver aid to them where we deliver aid them and make them aware of this exists in our files are with you
  20. Hats is the contribution of the Organization FPA for IDPs
  21. Distribution 203 box of foodstuffs on 203 families))
  22. Distribution of hygiene items / we Distributed set of sanitary napkin for 900 woman (each woman 2 package), and set of Diapers for 400 children each package contains 30 pieces.
  23. Drawing about peace through 25 children between 7_15 years old, and sending their drawings and their message for Afghanistan children
  24. Through our work in Qushtapa camp and before each New Year, our organization played a major role in encouraging children to join schools and not left and parents are urged not to send their children for work and leaving their studies, the awareness we were doing had a big role which was a record enrollment of children big schools very
  25. FPA Org voluntary distribution of winter clothes to IDPs children from Kakayes minority in Khabat district – grant Beneficiaries: 2561, the implementation of this distribution for these clothes have been in the area which was located about 20 minutes from the headquarters of the ISIS
  26. Hygiene Awareness in retaken areas-Eastern Mosel