We believe in good will helping everyone.

Our operations expand to reach all areas.

We try to reach out to all society segments, in Kurdistan, Baghdad, Anbar & Diyala.

Family Planning

& Awareness

KRG, MOI No.771 on January 20th; 2008.
KRG Official NGO code no K-22052
Iraqi Official NGO code no 1H7890)
Iraqi Immigration Ref./D/SH/H/M/156 Date:12/05/2016

We try to reach out to all society segments in need.

FPA Organization

FPA Organization have been planning and raising awareness for displaced families around Kurdistan region since 2008.

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Get Involved

You can join us, and help in any way you can to make an impact and help make a change.

FPA (Family Planning & Awareness) Organization is focused on helping displaced families & constructional operations.

Operations Areas

At FPA Organization, our team try thier best to cover as many areas on Kurdistan region as possible.

Our operations expand from Location, to Loation to Location & more.

Projects, News & Updates

Read our latest news, operations, on going and completed projects.